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 People who have busy lives oftentimes feel overwhelmed with all the decisions they must make when building or remodeling a home. Patti Steelman Interior Finishes, Inc. understands your challenges and offers you extensive experience streamlining this process. We provide a roadmap guiding you through the numerous decisions essential in planning your new home. We will give your project full consideration, with an eye towards every detail. We help you make yor selections in the proper order of the building process, thus saving you costly delays. Our goal is to ensure that your family can start enjoying your home sooner rather then later.

We are your single design specifer for all your exterior and interior finish needs, such as exterior roof, stone, stucco, siding, windows, interior cabinets, plumbing, lighting, trim, tile and the like. We provide you and your builder with an all-inclusive notebook that includes all the construction finish selections, from exterior to interior, simplifying the communication process. Let us surpass your vision and together we can create a home that enhances your style, balance, harmony and function.

Family using computer

Family using computer
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