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Patti Steelman Interior Finishes, Inc. was established in 2000, when Patti Steelman recognized the need to streamline the coordination of construction finishes for both new construction and remodels. We are trained to guide homeowners, builders and architects through the numerous finish selections that are essential to planning your new home. Our company brings years of experience, knowledge and innovative considerations when making these selections. Our goal is to collaborate with each client to create unique and individual designs that reflect your style, personality and budget. Our expertise ranges from the exterior of the home throughout the interior. Let Patti Steelman Interior Finishes, Inc. be your single design resource.

Throughout Patti Steelman’s extensive career as a professional designer, she has had the privilege of designing numerous luxury homes for notable clients. Raised and educated in NYC, Steelman has traveled abroad extensively and integrates the architecture and décor of other countries into her designs. By working with many successful builders and architects, Steelman has the added experience of understanding the construction process, from conceptualization to completion. Steelman affords her clients with the appropriate tools to make timely and cost-saving decisions. Steelman is regarded as resourceful, competent, creative and imaginative. She is respectfully known as a “hands on” designer.

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